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Both individuals and organizations recognize the value of continuous development. In spite of the consensus on importance, the process is challenging to execute effectively. The CPI development assessment process provides the insight and structure that leads to real action and meaningful developmental growth. The CPI developmental assessment process is designed to provide the type of high impact guidance that will accelerate growth without demanding unrealistic amounts of time and resources to execute.

What is a Developmental Assessment?

The CPI development assessment is designed to be a short term / high impact process. Our development assessment is designed to increase self-insight, provide clear developmental recommendations, build commitment to meaningful goals, and offer high impact development strategies. The assessment process provides each participant with targeted information and strategic recommendations, forming a launch pad for personal development and providing an opportunity for participants to take ownership in their growth process.

How CPI Supports Successful Development:

Self Awareness

"What are my developmental needs?"

Clear View Forward:

"What is my vision for the future?"

High Impact Methods:

"What steps will help drive my development?"

Guidance & Support:

"How can I make sure my development really progresses?"

What CPI Provides