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Whether you are an organization assessing candidates, or an individual seeking to highlight your value, you count on an effective assessment process to ensure the best outcome. As experts in the assessment of talent and potential, we at CPI have spent the last 45 years dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in candidate evaluation and selection. We consider it a privilege to partner on such important decision making, so we bring our best effort to every assessment we conduct.

How CPI Strives to Meet your Unique Needs

  • Understanding the specific needs of your organization is our priority. We take the time to appreciate and understand the dynamics of your culture as well as the specific demands of the position under consideration.
  • We adapt our approach to fit your specialized requirements, rather than expecting you to adjust to our methodology.
  • We use an integrated approach that leverages the best of a wide range of assessment strategies. Our goal is to present an accurate picture of the whole person.

What the CPI Selection Assessment Delivers

  • An objective professional opinion, supported by comprehensive assessment data, and years of experience.
  • A clear view of a candidate’s unique personality and style factors.
  • Competency based evaluation of skills and capabilities.
  • Accurate calibration of the candidate’s potential for professional growth.
  • Identification of probable development needs and recommendations to help maximize success.

The Benefits of Assessment for Organizations

  • Increase your chances of success:
    CPI's assessment process provides elevated precision in understanding people beyond what managers are able to achieve alone.
  • Go beyond traditional interviewing:
    Acting as an objective third party, CPI provides a detailed picture of potential candidates, and facilitates an insightful discussion among the decision makers.
  • Proven Methods:
    Combining objective data and expert experience, CPI is able to deliver a comprehensive evaluation, directed at the specific needs of each client organization.

The Benefits of Assessment for Candidates

  • Showcase your strengths:
    The CPI assessment process gives candidates an opportunity to demonstrate a complete and accurate picture of their unique capabilities.
  • Present your full potential:
    Our assessment process reaches beyond traditional interviewing and provides a multidimensional perspective of your potential as a candidate.
  • Helpful Calibration:
    Assessment centers bring objectivity to the benchmarking process. This helps to impartially calibrate where your skills are now, and identify strategies that may help you reach your full potential.