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Activate Talent

Women's Leadership Development Coaching Groups

Activate Talent is a group coaching program designed to support and accelerate the talent development of women in leadership.

All leaders can benefit from developmental tools, strategies, and experiences to help quickly get them where they want to be. There is no shortage of the unique challenges women face in their path to leadership and in the workplace today. With increased awareness, “we” as a collective whole are working towards closing the gap in gender equity. In an effort to empower and equip more women to navigate through this complex landscape, Karen Doll Psy.D., L.P. has developed Activate Talent. Designed as a high impact personal development experience aimed at meeting unique needs of women in leadership, Activate Talent seeks to democratize coaching services, increasing accessibility and availability for female leaders.

“I didn’t realize how much I needed this time for myself. I really looked forward to the reserved time to connect with a talented group of women.”- Activate Talent Participant

The program is based on three Pillars:



• Take inventory through assessment
• Discovery: Develop self-insight
• Engaged reflection
• Tap into strengths, meaning and purpose
• Address current challenges
• Develop a path moving forward
• Take action toward personal growth
• Accountability structure


• Make meaningful connections
• Expand support network
• Learn through discussion
• Power of belonging
• Meet needs for community and belonging
• Develop trust in relationships
• Safe dialogue in confidential setting
• Share best practices and resources


• Build confidence
• Increase resilience
• Maximize self-efficacy
• Foster healthy mindset
• Optimize energy
• Increase risk taking
• Influence and communication strategies
• Advocacy and celebration of self

Built from a blend of science, art, and practical experiences, Activate Talent groups provide a multifaceted and personalized learning opportunity. Participants start by engaging in a personal assessment process aimed at enhancing their self-awareness. The small group format then allows for meaningful discussion and engaged reflection on topics that hold real-world significance.

““This was a rewarding, dynamic experience for me. I loved the self-reflection and the exposure to women outside my organization.”- Activate Talent Participant

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