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Activate Talent

Types of Groups

Activate Talent Accelerated Development Group

Connect with like-minded professionals outside your organization
Groups of 8 launch in September, January, and May
6 Sessions total: 3 hour kickoff, 5 additional 2 hour sessions

Activate Talent Internal Development Group

In-house experience
Connect with professionals within your organization
Opportunity for high potential performers to connect
Content customized per organization request
Schedule: Time and location to accommodate internal group members
Standard program: 8-10 members, 6 two hour sessions (Kick off three hours)
Frequency and cadence of meeting can be adjusted per request
Group size can be adjusted per request

What to learn more?

Visit the following sections for more information about Activate Talent groups:
Detailed Information
Types of Groups
Participant Feedback

Contact Us about Activate Talent

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