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Activate Talent

Participant Feedback

“This was a rewarding, dynamic experience for me. I loved the self-reflection and the exposure to women outside my organization.”

“It was a value added experience on so many different levels – it truly exceeded my expectations.”

“Thank you for facilitating these meetings (such talent) – the info and listening to you and the other participants really gets me thinking and knowing myself … this prompting is good for me.”

“I didn’t realize how much I needed this time for myself. I really looked forward to the reserved time to connect with a talented group of women.”

“The program was a great blend of discussion, learning, and applicable practices.”

“I liked the content very much. I liked the format both in the scheduling (every other week over 2 months) and the way we spent our time during meetings. I liked having an assignment to touch base with a partner every time. It's a good way to expand my network. I need opportunities for that. It also introduces us more fully to other perspectives and experiences.”

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Participant Feedback

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